SploitGuard Appliance X1

Our next-generation network appliance solution detects file-based Zero-Day exploits and malicious websites by scanning potential threat sources with xorlab's SploitGuard technology.

How it works

SploitGuard Appliance X1 protects against sophisticated attack vectors used by APTs like Spear Phishing, Watering Holes, Drive-by Infections and client-side attacks in general. These attacks open up a pathway to an organization's IT infrastructure and can be the first step in a targeted attack.

SploitGuard does not use patterns or signatures to detect malicious files or websites, nor does it rely on heuristics that usually generate a high number of false positives. SploitGuard detects exploitation attempts that target client-side applications, preventing a cyber-attack before any malicious code is executed.

To detect exploitation attempts, SploitGuard uses static and dynamic analysis techniques to analyze a client-side application and then dynamically processes the data in the application. Various guards and checks are deployed to halt the processing of any untrusted and potentially malicious data as soon as the data attempts to exploit a vulnerability and before code-execution can be achieved.

This works for known and unknown (i.e. Zero-Day) vulnerabilities as the guards are not designed to protect against a specific exploitation vector nor are they attuned to specific types of vulnerabilities.

Besides being highly effective in detecting known and unknown (i.e., Zero-Day) file based exploits, SploitGuard prevents attacks at the earliest stage possible where the attackers have almost no capabilities.

Traditional security technologies try to detect or prevent attacks at a later stage in the attack timeline where attackers have already gained certain capabilities which potentially allow them to evade detection. This is why it is very difficult to effectively protect against all attack vectors if attackers have already achieved native code-execution in a system or within a sandbox.

SploitGuard Appliance X1 stops attacks before attackers can achieve any form of native code-execution.

By deploying SploitGuard Appliance X1 in the perimeter, attacks are stopped before they reach the client without the need to install and maintain any software in the client systems.

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