Proactive email security

We can’t possibly foresee an attacker’s next move, thus trying to detect threats based on past attacks is doomed to fail. The only thing in our control is the amount of attack surface that we’re willing to expose.

xorlab ActiveGuard proactively protects against sophisticated email threats by reducing your attack surface to the essential minimum without impacting your business.

Document-based malware

Protect against malicious documents dropping root kits, crypto miners, and other malware

Breaches caused by malware are still a thing. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach and Incident Report, almost 1 in 3 breaches involved malware. Document-based malware is especially hard to catch because blocking every Word file, Excel sheet or PDF document is impractical in most organizations.

xorlab ActiveGuard understands the context in which your organization communicates and is able to make fine-grained decisions as to whether certain documents with potentially dangerous macros or embeddings can be delivered or not. If in doubt, our powerful dynamic analysis solution will closely examine the document at run-time to make sure that it does not pose any risk to your organization before delivering it to the user.


Stop attackers from accessing your external services

As more and more services move to the Cloud, organizations become increasingly vulnerable to credentials phishing. xorlab ActiveGuard effectively thwarts phishing attempts by making sure that emails only link to services that are trusted and consumed by the organization.

Social engineering attacks

Protect your key employees from fraud and spear phishing

An increasing number of attacks use personalized emails, often impersonating trusted parties, to trick key employees into some form of action. The consequences of spear phishing can be devastating, in most cases resulting in financial fraud (because the victim paid an illegitimate invoice) or in an infection of the organization with sophisticated persistent malware (because the victim downloaded a file). xorlab ActiveGuard blocks impersonation attacks by maintaining a network of your organization's trusted parties and automatically detecting any deviations in it.

Zero-day attacks

Prevent invisible intruders from exfiltrating your intellectual property

Zero-day attacks exploit software vulnerabilities that are not yet known to the developer of the software or for which no patch exists yet. These kinds of attacks are extremely dangerous because they often remain undiscovered for a long time. xorlab ActiveGuard protects you against zero-day attacks and other exploits by opening files in a hardened environment and discovering the exploitation of the vulnerability before the malicious payload gets executed.

xorlab ActiveGuard

Your proactive email security gateway and monitor

  • Proactive defense against email-based threats
  • Advanced zero-day malware and exploit prevention
  • Effective prevention against sophisticated and targeted phishing attempts
  • Email analytics and actionable threat insights
  • Seamless integration into Office 365 and on-premise email infrastructure

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