We mainly offer consulting, integration and support services related to our ActiveGuard Appliance. In addition to that, we also offer some services related to our core topics in the area of software security and security engineering. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about how we can help you or your organization solve today's IT security challenges.

Software security & security testing

Software security testing for C/C++, Java or web applications

Security code reviews for C/C++, Java or web applications

Secure software development & continuous security integration

IoT devices & embedded systems security

Security testing of IoT devices & embedded systems

Security engineering and hardening of IoT devices & embedded systems


Secure software development in C/C++ or Java training

Custom consulting

Custom security consulting

Why xorlab

At xorlab we are passionate about what we do. We have many years of professional software and security engineering experience where we have also built systems instead of just auditing and breaking them. We know the technical aspects by heart and, most importantly, we are passionate about both the offensive and defensive aspects of security including developing secure software and operating secure systems.

Modern IT security is a complex field, which is why we first listen to and understand our customers, the industry in which they operate, and the particular security challenges they face. In this way, we strive to generate the maximum value for our customers, providing solutions that are tailored to their needs.