ActiveGuard Email Security

xorlab ActiveGuard is a modern email security solution that effectively protects against sophisticated threats such as credential phishing, impersonation, malware and zero-day exploits. Unlike other solutions, ActiveGuard substantially increases attacker costs across major attack vectors to the point where attackers can no longer operate at a profit.

How it works

xorlab fights advanced cybercrime using data analytics, machine learning, and advanced dynamic analysis for documents and websites. ActiveGuard processes inbound and outbound emails to learn a company’s legitimate mail behavior. ActiveGuard then leverages this data to enforce legitimate communication and prevent unknown cyberattacks.

ActiveGuard effectively protects against Spam, Phishing, Malware, Email and VIP Fraud, Spear-phishing, and Zero-day exploits. The solution does not require patterns or signatures to detect malicious files or websites, nor does it rely on heuristics that usually generate a high number of false positives.

ActiveGuard provides a rich set of APIs and connects to existing SIEM solutions like Splunk and AlienVault, making the integration into your environment a seamless experience.

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