About us

We are a Swiss IT Security company that develops the next-generation threat prevention platform ActiveGuard. ActiveGuard protects company communication against sophisticated threats such as spear-phishing, impersonation, ransomware and Zero-day exploitation by observing, learning, and ultimately enforcing a company's communication behavior.

We treat IT security not purely as a technological but primarily as an economic problem. Our mission is to provide companies worldwide with cost-efficient security solutions that are fighting attackers where it hurts them the most: their bottom line. xorlab not only protects against sophisticated threats, it also increases attacker costs to the point where attackers can no longer operate at a profit.


With extensive experience in IT security and software engineering, our diverse team is passionate about all aspects of IT security and understands its implementation at every organizational level in today’s ever changing security landscape.

Our team has contributed to both industry and academia, and has presented at various international security conferences (such as Black Hat, WOOT, Area41, Hacktivity etc.) on a range of topics such as software, mobile and virtualization security.

Our passion for and dedication to IT security is what pushes us every day to provide the maximum value to our customers.



Antonio Hüseyin Barresi, MSc ETH, Co-founder & CEO

Antonio co-founded xorlab together with Matthias Ganz to build the leading cyber threat prevention platform ActiveGuard and safeguard companies around the world against data loss, theft, and reputational damage. Antonio authored and co-authored several publications on software and virtualization security and was a speaker at international security conferences (Black Hat, WOOT, Hacktivity).


Matthias Ganz, MSc ETH, Co-founder & CTO

Matthias co-founded xorlab together with Antonio Barresi to build the leading cyber threat prevention platform ActiveGuard and safeguard companies around the world against data loss, theft, and reputational damage. Matthias is our CTO and holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.


Dominic Plangger, MSc ETH, Lead Engineer

After graduating from ETH Zurich with a Master of Science in Computer Science, Dominic joined xorlab in 2015 and is the company's first software engineer. Dominic doesn't shy away from complex problems and his eyes start to glow when building and dealing with distributed systems.


Christine Jenny, M. A. HSG, Head of Operations

Christine joined xorlab as Head of Operations in autumn 2017. She's is a driven leader with high attention to detail, a keen sense for quality and flair for numbers. At xorlab, she handles finances, HR and administration. Christine holds a Master degree in Accounting and Finance of University of St. Gallen (HSG).


Jakob Kanter, Dr. sc. ETH, Head of Product Operations

Jakob joined xorlab as Head of Product Operations in autumn 2017. He's the invisible force behind the curtain that keeps our infrastructure operational, maintainable and safe. Before joining xorlab, Jakob pursued a PhD in Physics and worked as a post doctoral researcher with ETH's New Materials Group.


Adrian Kyburz, MSc ETH, Head of Business Development

Adrian joined xorlab in December 2017 as Head Business Development. As former IT strategy consultant, Adrian developed a passion for solving real world problems with clever use of technology and design. Adrian holds a Master of Computer Science from ETH Zurich and co-founded mobile payment service Klimpr.


Christian Hagedorn, MSc ETH, Software Engineer

Christian joined xorlab in February 2018 as a software engineer after graduating from ETH Zurich as a Master of Science in Computer Science. Christian has a flair for writing and optimizing low-level code and acquired valuable experience working on Java JIT compiler optimizations together with Oracle.


Stefan Dietiker, MSc ETH, Software Engineer

Stefan joined xorlab in March 2018 as a software engineer. Stefan is passionate about tinkering with and learning about new technologies, values clean code and greatly appreciates concise abstractions. Stefan holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Mathias Payer

Prof. Dr. Mathias Payer, Purdue University

Assistant professor at the computer science department of Purdue University and head of HexHive Group.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gross

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gross, ETH Zurich

Full professor at the computer science department of ETH Zurich and head of the Laboratory for Software Technology.

Where to find us

xorlab AG
Hohlstrasse 515
CH-8048 Zürich

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