About us

We are a Swiss IT security company that develops and provides IT security products and services for businesses.

Our passion for IT security and modern computing underpins our ability to provide cost-effective products and services that counter today’s sophisticated attacks and the ever changing threat landscape.


With extensive experience in IT security and software engineering, our diverse team is passionate about all aspects of IT security and understands its implementation at every organizational level in today’s ever changing security landscape.

Our team has contributed to both industry and academia, and has presented at various international security conferences (such as Black Hat, WOOT, Area41, Hacktivity etc.) on a range of topics such as software, mobile and virtualization security.

Our passion for and dedication to IT security is what pushes us every day to provide the maximum value to our customers.

Core Team


Antonio Hüseyin Barresi,

Antonio is a security researcher whose passion for computer security since a young age has motivated him to pursue different professional and academic roles within his field.

After graduating from ETH Zurich with a Master of Science in Computer Science, Antonio began his career as an IT Risk Officer for a large Swiss bank, gaining his first insight into IT risk management in banking environments.

To broaden his experience, in 2011 he joined a leading Swiss security engineering company as a Software Engineer, Integrator and Security Consultant. There, he soon progressed to Technical Project Leader and was responsible for managing a team of developers and engineers in the development of several security critical software components.

In 2013, Antonio began research on software, systems and run-time security for the Laboratory for Software Technology at ETH Zurich. During this time, he authored and co-authored different publications on software and virtualization security.

He has given several talks at international security conferences such as Black Hat, WOOT and Hacktivity.


Matthias Ganz,

Matthias is a software and security engineer with a special interest in hardware and low-level programming.

He graduated from ETH Zurich with a Master of Science in Computer Science. He has worked on many software projects across different industry sectors, with a focus on building failsafe software systems. As a technical supervisor, he has coached his co-workers on software design and implementation.

In 2015, he co-founded xorlab and was appointed CTO where he is responsible for product development and strategy.

Matthias loves to solve complex technical engineering challenges, especially reliability, security and optimization problems.


Dominic Plangger,
MSc ETH, Lead Engineer

Dominic is a software developer specialized in security and distributed systems, and a graduate of ETH Zurich with a Master of Science in Computer Science.

During and after his studies he was heavily involved in software projects ranging from security engineering, robotics and Internet of Things up to machine learning. Right after graduation he has spent seven months in Silicon Valley gaining important international perspectives that proved to be invaluable ever since.

In summer of 2016 he joined xorlab to be its lead developer and Head of QA. He loves to work on complicated tasks that require a systematic approach and endurance, and his experience as CTO of a former software startup benefits the whole company.

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Mathias Payer

Prof. Dr. Mathias Payer,
Purdue University

Assistant professor in Computer Science

Head of the HexHive Group

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gross

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gross,
ETH Zurich

Faculty member and professor

Head of the Laboratory for Software Technology

Where to find us

xorlab AG
Hohlstrasse 515
CH-8048 Zürich

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