Stop targeted email attacks

xorlab ActiveGuard combines machine intelligent email filtering technology with advanced exploit and zero-day prevention to minimize your risk of breach.

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Current threats require a different approach to security

xorlab uses machine learning and advanced dynamic analysis to identify threats that others miss.

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Targeted email attacks are low-volume and easily bypass traditional security systems that look for the “known bad” such as signatures and blacklist based systems.

xorlab ActiveGuard does not require any knowledge of past attacks. The platform builds a model of your organization's communication and uses it to reduce attack surface to the minimum. ActiveGuard enforces legitimate email traffic and filters out known and unknown cyber threats. Using advanced runtime hardening techniques, ActiveGuard even detects and prevents highly sophisticated attacks which use previously unknown document-based malware or Zero-day exploits.


Stop looking for known threats and prevent attacks whether they have struck before or not.

xorlab ActiveGuard

Proactive email security gateway and monitor

  • Proactive defense against email-based threats
  • Advanced zero-day malware and exploit prevention
  • Effective prevention against sophisticated and targeted phishing attempts
  • Email analytics and actionable threat insights
  • Seamless integration into Office 365 and on-premise email infrastructure

xorlab ThreatAnalyst

Powerful support for your security operations team

  • Efficient triage of employee reported suspicious emails
  • Automated analysis and feedback management
  • Consolidated risk overview
  • Actionable insights into reported emails
  • Seamless integration into Office 365 and on-premise email infrastructure
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xorlab nominated for Swiss Digital Economy Award 2018

xorlab AG, October 11, 2018